A journey of self discovery...

Sometimes things in our past can affect our present life or you may have current issues that are affecting your wellbeing.  Exploring these issues in a confidential space free of criricism, blame or judgement can offer you the opportunity to make your own choices, make changes in your life and find an inner peace. 

Contacting a counsellor can take a lot of courage but I will offer you a safe therapeutic relationship and once that first step is taken it can feel a little easier.

We all need space to talk things through and sometimes it can feel difficult to speak to family or friends as often they are emotionally close to you or the situation and this can prevent you from being completely open.  A counsellor is impartial and free of judgement and can offer you the freedom to explore whatever thoughts and feelings you are experiencing and walk alongside you in your journey of healing or self discovery.  

Talking about difficult things may not physically change some situations but a counsellor can give you the space and some tools to help you find a way to cope. Counsellors do not give advice or answers but I can help you find your own solutions in order to help yourself.

What can counselling help with?

Counselling can help you with a wide variety of issues and anything that is causing you emotional pain or discomfort can be explored with a counsellor. Through me actively listening and showing understanding (empathy) a strong therapeutic relationship will hopefully develop which will then provide the safety you might need to start working through difficult feelings or situations.  

Some of the issues I have worked with include:

* Anixiey

* Self esteem/confidence

* Anger

* Loneliness

* Self harm

* Suicidal thoughts

* Relationship issues

* Stress

* Depression

* Bullying

* Domestic Violence

* Abuse

* Sexuality

* Addictions

However, there is no set agenda for what clients can bring to a counselling session and while some clients may come with a specific issue others may just feel that they are not as happy as they could be in life; if an issue is affecting you in any way then it is important to me.

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